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A team of health insurance experts and case managers will work with you to negotiate medical bills on your behalf. They will provide a comprehensive review of your medical bills, EOBs and claims and then will work with the medical provider to negotiate the lowest payment possible.

Oftentimes, they will find mistakes in the processing of claims as well as working with the provider directly to reduce your overall balance. They will even work out a payment plan with the provider, if possible.

This Program is not insurance and does not replace insurance, nor does it affect your relationship with your medical provider.


Medical Bill Negotiation Service


  • Do you have large hospital debt?
  • Were you billed incorrectly?
  • Do you need help negotiating a medical payment plan?
  • Pay a flat service fee of $49.95 AND if you donít save more than $100 off your bills within 120 days, 100 % of your service fee is refunded.