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Laboratory Program

Our Laboratory Program allows you to locate your lab, select your test(s) and prepay on-line. With this fast and easy program, you can locate, order and pay all at one time while sitting comfortably at home.

*   Save up to 70% on 300+  blood tests when you order online

*   No doctor’s order needed

*   Confidential results sent directly to you usually within 72 hours

Radiology Program

Our Radiology Program enables you to save up to 70% off  Radiology Services!  With ever-increasing costs of radiology services, including common MRI’s, CT’s, and Ultrasounds, let us help you simplify the process and save up to 70% on services.

Save on CTs, MRIs, and Ultrasounds.

*   You need an Rx from your doctor to schedule an appointment.

Written reports are available within 48 hours

Lab / Radiology



“All laboratory / pathology / radiology services provided on an outpatient basis in a hospital increase by 17.7% on an average annual basis”.