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Our Phone-a-Doctor Program is a non-emergency medical service that allows members to consult with primary care physicians by phone or video conference for diagnosing medical problems and calling in prescriptions when appropriate.  Physicians are available by phone or video, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you call, a care coordinator will answer your call/video and review your medical issue.  An account will be created to securely and confidentially store your personal health information.  The coordinator will then locate a Doctor in your state and set up a call/video conference with you, generally within an hour.  If the Doctor prescribes medication, a prescription will be submitted to your pharmacy. Should you choose to have the consultation submitted to your primary care physician, they will handle that as well.

Within 3 days of your consultation, a care coordinator will follow-up with you.





Use Phone-a-Doctor for:

* Sinus Infections                                 * Allergies                                                 * Urinary Tract Infections          * Short-Term Prescription                   * Refills (up to 30 days)                       * Flu                                                          * Poison Ivy                                            * Respiratory Infections                      * Bronchitis