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Eldercare costs are soaring as are the varying care requirements for our aging population. Here is a way to seek the quality care you need for you and your family members at significant savings.

CARExpress providers include Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Respite Care and Home Health Care creating a comprehensive network offering savings averaging 15%, reducing your monthly cost. Uniquely, this benefit covers not only your immediate family but also your parents and in-laws! Plus, this unique program offers you two additional services: Eldercare Coordination and Eldercare Information and Referral Line.

Eldercare Coordination offers a wide range of professional guidance/resources to adult children and their parents for arranging or monitoring eldercare. The Helpline offers assistance through professional counselors on long-term care issues.

  • 4,000 Nursing Care /
    Assisted Living Facilities
  • Save up to 20%

Over 35 million people are over age 65

80% of eldercare is provided by a family member, of which 66% are employed

Companies lose an average $3 billion per year due to eldercare