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Retail Pharmacy

Save up to 25% on prescription needs*, including full family coverage at no additional cost. Receive immediate savings on all your prescriptions by simply selecting a participating pharmacy, presenting your card and paying the discount. All prescriptions are monitored for drug interactions to assist in the safe use of medications. Accepted at over 45,000 major chain and independent pharmacies nationwide.

*Sometimes pharmacies offer loss leader pricing on certain prescriptions which may be lower than the CARExpress price - you will always receive the lower price.

Mail Order Pharmacy
For additional savings on maintenance medications, use our easy mail order service. You will receive the same high quality service including monitoring for drug interactions plus extensive information on the proper use of each prescription. Your savings can range up to 50% and your prescription will be delivered to your home in confidence.

  • 45,000 Pharmacies
  • Save up to 25%
  • Mail Order:
  • 90 Day Supply (Brand and Generic)
  • Save up to 50%

Over $77 billion was
spent nationally on prescriptions in 1995

Only $13 billion was
paid by health
insurance carriers
in 1995